Works on Xbox, PS4 and PC perfectly

Free FIFA 18 coins and points on your PC, Xbox and PlayStation


The FIFA 18 hack is working on every console, also on the new Nintendo Switch. Simply enter your account name on the online generator and choose the correct platform. It also works on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Enter the amount of free FIFA 18 Ultimate Team points and coins you want and click on the generate button. This is how easy it is. In this article we will explain how else you can get coins and points and what is the best method to get them.

fifa 18 hack

Any other normal ways beside the FIFA 18 coin generator? Probably not.

The most common way on how to cheat and hack the game is by using a normal coins hack, but other people prefer to trade on the transfer market. This is a very common way, but in the last few years it became less and less effective. Why? Some cheater are using apps like an auto-buyer, which will automatically buy player from the transfer market. There is no opportunity for you left to find great deals. Another way would be to play on the Weekend League and other tournaments, but for this it is also required to have a great team already, because most of your opponents will have a super strong team. Also you have to pay for fitness and contracts. Not really a good way to earn coins by playing matches. Another bad way to get good player is by buying FIFA Points. This is bad, because mostly you will get items, which are not really necessary for you. For example player contracts, manager or average player. I don’t even want to start talking about the attributes, badges, kits, balls and so on. Forget about this option, because FUT Points will never bring you player like Lewandowski, Neuer or Ronaldo.

fifa 18 hack

The FIFA 18 coins hack is much easier to use and able to do magic to your PSN, Xbox Live or PC account. On the top we already explained how easy it is to use the coin generator, but some still don’t understand how to use it correctly. Other are failing on getting their free FIFA 18 coins and points. How is this possible? Here are some ways on how you can fail to use the online coins hack:

  • The game is running in the background and you are logged in
  • You chose the wrong platform
  • You entered the wrong username and misspelled it
  • EAs server are busy
  • Xbox Live or PlayStation Network are not available

Please make sure Xbox Live or PSN are available. Also make sure EAs server are working correctly. Sometimes there are too many user on and we will ask you to make a quick and safe human verification. We do this to keep everything legit and safe our FUT 18 coin generator against any kind of fraud. Using bots and macros are not allowed. Please use the FIFA 18 hack only for yourself or friends. Don’t sell the coins to anyone and don’t offer them to on platforms like MMOGA.

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