Get the best FUT 18 team

On FIFA Ultimate Team it is all about having the best available team. There is lots of competition in specific modes. For example on the weekend league and FUT Champions Cup you need the best possible team. Player like Ronaldo, Neuer, Ramos or Pogba can really make the difference in some situations. If you got them in your team it will be much easier to dominate your opponent and and win matches. Of course player are not all you need to win the game, but as I said it will be much easier to win. On here we will show you how to cheat and hack on FIFA 18. For you it is absolutely possible to generate free FIFA 18 coins and points on your console. The FIFA 18 hack is working on for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Basically you can get free coins and points on every platform like PC, Nintendo, Xbox PlayStation or your Smartphone.

fifa 18 coins hack

Run it for your Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Origin, Nintendo, iOS or Android account. For Android and iOS you can use the FUT companion, which you can download on the specific app store. The FIFA 18 UT Web App can be used on every PC. On you can use the coin generator no matter on what platform you are actually playing.

Thats how easy it works:

  1. Open the FIFA 18 coin generator on this website available in dutch, french, english and german.
  2. Enter your username (the PlayStation Network ID, Xbox Live Gamertag, Origin ID etc.) correctly.
  3. Choose the platform / console you are playing on.
  4. Pick the amount of FUT Points you want to get.
  5. Pick the amount of FUT Coins you want to get.
  6. Check if all the information you entered are correctly.
  7. Click on the “generate” button on the bottom.
  8. Follow all the given instructions.

fifa 18 hack

Sometimes they will ask you to make a human verification in order to successfully receive your free FIFA 18 coins and points. The reason why you get this message is because there are too many people using the FIFA 18 coins hack at the same time. Our servers are always trying to block people, which are trying to use bots and macros to take advantage of the FUT 18 hack. Some gamer are creating thousands of PSN and Xbox Live accounts and generate millions of FIFA 18 free coins and points. Later they are selling these accounts with lots of coins and points on different platforms like eBay, Facebook or on sites like MMOGA. If you should ever see it…don’t buy coins there. They are more likely to use our FIFA 18 online hack to get the coins and then just sell them to you.

In general you shouldn’t pay real money for items. On FIFA18ut you will be able to hack FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and get all the points and coins for free. There is absolutely no need for you to buy FUT Points, in which you will only get average player and useless items for FUT.

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