Strategies to get free Points and Coins

On Ultimate Team there are many ways on how to get free FIFA 18 coins, but which one is really the best? We made the test and found out how easy it really is to get items by using tools like the FIFA 18 hack.

What are FUT 18 coins and points good for?

You can use them to get Draft Token, player or any other items in the game. Especially player are very important in this game, because they will form your team. If you have many coins on your account it will be much easier to win matches and to be successful, because you can get any team and player you want.

What strategies are common to get coins?

Mostly people are playing matches or they are trading. Both of them worked great a few years before, but since some months it gets harder and harder. Some developer came up with an Autobuyer, which automatically buys player with a specific price on the transfer market. Within a few seconds they have been listed there they already disappear. This makes it incredibly hard for normal people to make great deals. Also keep in mind 5% of the price is going to EA, which is completely ridiculous in our opinion. Why should they even take 5%? For what? Anyway, playing matches is the other opportunity. You have to know that you still have costs of contracts, fitness and its extremely time consuming. Everyone who played the Weekend League and tries to play 40 matches knows how many hours it takes! Just a little advise: Get the bonus from the FIFA Football store so you can earn more coins.


fifa 18 coins hack

FIFA 18 Hacks, Generator and Exploits

Right now the FIFA 18 coin generator are the most popular method to get free coins and points. Within no time you can literally get millions of items without any effort. You don’t have to trade and you don’t need to play any matches at all. Simply enter the amount of items, your username, what console you are playing and press the button. The process starts and within two minutes you can log into your account and enjoy the privilege of having an incredible amount of coins. It is super easy for beginner. Some people don’t like it, because they say its not fun to cheat on FIFA 18. Seriously guys, the FIFA 18 coins hack is doing a great job here and helps people all over the world, no matter if in Dutch or French to hack FIFA 18 and save real money!


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