Don’t Spend Money for Player Contracts

There may be many people who told you not to use a FIFA 18 hack, but this naysayer might haven’t tried it by themselves yet. If they would know how fast and easy it is to get free FIFA 18 points and coins they wouldn’t be so negative.

A few reasons why people are hating on the FIFA 18 coin generator and saying it is a scam are:


  • …are against cheating
  • …got enough money to spend on FUT Points
  • …already got a great team and don’t want competition
  • …use the FIFA 18 coins hack by themselves and want to avoid other people of using it
  • …have no idea what they talking about

So many videos and images are being shared all over the Internet. On Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitch and many other platforms. Clearly showing how to use the FIFA 18 coin generator, which is available in many different languages such as German, Dutch or French. Still many people are not believing in it. How comes? They see it with their own eyes. Not only one video, but hundreds of videos and screenshots. No one can deny it is working.

People who are against cheating, but still buy FIFA Points are getting cheated by EA!

So many thousand player are spending money for points every single day without knowing how easy it is to get free FIFA 18 coins. Points are totally meaningless, because you can only open packs with them. How often do you truly get a great player? And how often do you get rare player contracts or rare kits and badges? Its a huge joke. So far EA tried everything to fight against coin seller and user of the coins hack, so they can earn more money, but these days more and more people are waking up. Nobody wants to spend lots of money and more just to get player contracts.

fifa 18 hack

People spend real money to get rare player contracts

Do you think its a joke? Absolutely NOT. In an average gold player pack there are average player, kits, badges, manager, manager contracts, fitness, coaches and rare player contracts. Basically player are spending money for those items. Maybe in 1 out of 15 packs you will receive a good player. With good player I am talking about Bonucci, Higuain, Ribery, not about Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or a FUT Icon. It doesn’t have to be this way. With unlimited coins on FUT 18 you can decide what player you want and what team you want to build. Fast, easy and efficient without spending countless hours on trading or playing matches.

Give the hack and generator a try to earn free items.

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