FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tricks and Cheats

As every year FIFA 18 UT is really popular and fun, but it also brings the same problems to the gamer every year. Its not only about the bugs, gameplay or bad server connection, but also about the items.


You need lots of coins and points to become better in FUT 18.

Right from the release of the game every gamer is looking for a way to get the best possible team. At this time people are spending ridiculous sums of real money to buy FIFA Points. They buy FIFA Points with their real money, but at the same time they know the chance of getting a really good player out of these packs is extremely low. Mostly gamer will get player contracts, coaches, badges, kits, stadium, manager contracts or average player, but getting a really awesome player? Probably not. Don’t even think about to get a player like Messi or Ronaldo. You must be very lucky to get one of these from a regular Premium Gold pack. You already know it…opening packs is not a good idea. You are spending your hard earned money just for getting average player and useless items. Not a good deal if you ask me.

FUT Coins are much better. At least you can decide on how to spend them. For example you can buy any player you want. You will be able to use the coins for trading. With points you can only buy packs or spend them for getting FUT Draft tokens. So, basically we can say: You want coins. The best would be to get free FIFA 18 coins. Some people are selling FUT 18 coins online, but there is a big risk of getting banned. Generating the coins is not a problem, but the transfer is a problem. Spending an unreal amount of coins for an average player is a huge flag for moderator and administrator. Better don’t do it. There is one more thing about the people who are selling the coins: They are using the FIFA 18 coin generator by themselves. First they use the FIFA 18 hack to get free FIFA 18 coins and points and then they are selling them to gamer like you. Don’t fall for this. Its absolutely not worth it.

Better use the FIFA 18 coins hack for yourself. You will save money and lots of time. You will avoid any risk of getting banned in the game, which is the most important. You don’t believe? Try it with 2nd account and you will see what I mean. We on got the huge advantage that we know how the EA Sports FIFA 18 Ultimate Team algorithm is operating. We know when people are getting banned and for what they are getting banned.

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