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No download needed for the online generator

Use the online FIFA 18 coin generator


If you want free coins and points there is no better way than using the FIFA 18 coins hack. Don’t even start to think about using an autobuyer for trading on FUT 18. It will give you more pain than gain. These days gamer who are using tools to manipulate the transfer market are getting banned immediately in the game. Also gamer who are buying FIFA 18 coins are having a hard time to keep their account working.

The natural ways of earning FUT 18 coins and points are not really efficient. You can literally spend lots of money to get points and then use them for gold packs. Most time you will receive bad player in these packs. 80% of the items in the gold packs are items like player contracts, manager contracts, fitness items and so on. It is literally a waste of money, because you won’t get any great player. Some people even say “the chance to meet Messi on the streets of Barcelona is higher than getting him on Ultimate Team” and this is true. I know people who spent thousands of dollar, but never got a TOTS, TOTY or any other special card. Not even an awesome player like Ronaldo or Messi.

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You shouldn’t spend money for this game

Instead you should concentrate to get better skills. Getting FUT 18 free coins and points is easy. Simply use the FIFA 18 coins hack and generate the amount of items you would like to have on your account. With account I mean Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Origin and any other available account. Since FIFA 18 you can also play on the new Nintendo Switch console. It might be very interesting to see how it works on there, since the Switch is a brand new console with a new concept. You can also use the FIFA 18 coin generator on your Android or iOS smartphone. How? If you have the FUT Companion for iOS and Android you will have an easy time to set up the FUT 18 coin generator. Both tools are working almost similar.

The new FIFA 18 hack will be released when…

…the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team WebApp will be released on the official EASports website. Why? Because you need a stable connection to the EA Server. The first time you will login into the FUT 18 Web App it will automatically transfer or create your old team on the new game. So you must use the new FUT Web App or FUT Companion before using our FIFA 18 UT Hack. This is something many people don’t know about. Please keep in mind your team/club must be fully available on FIFA 18 / Companion / Web App before using our hack tool. You won’t face any problem if you are doing it correctly.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tricks and Cheats

As every year FIFA 18 UT is really popular and fun, but it also brings the same problems to the gamer every year. Its not only about the bugs, gameplay or bad server connection, but also about the items.


You need lots of coins and points to become better in FUT 18.

Right from the release of the game every gamer is looking for a way to get the best possible team. At this time people are spending ridiculous sums of real money to buy FIFA Points. They buy FIFA Points with their real money, but at the same time they know the chance of getting a really good player out of these packs is extremely low. Mostly gamer will get player contracts, coaches, badges, kits, stadium, manager contracts or average player, but getting a really awesome player? Probably not. Don’t even think about to get a player like Messi or Ronaldo. You must be very lucky to get one of these from a regular Premium Gold pack. You already know it…opening packs is not a good idea. You are spending your hard earned money just for getting average player and useless items. Not a good deal if you ask me.

FUT Coins are much better. At least you can decide on how to spend them. For example you can buy any player you want. You will be able to use the coins for trading. With points you can only buy packs or spend them for getting FUT Draft tokens. So, basically we can say: You want coins. The best would be to get free FIFA 18 coins. Some people are selling FUT 18 coins online, but there is a big risk of getting banned. Generating the coins is not a problem, but the transfer is a problem. Spending an unreal amount of coins for an average player is a huge flag for moderator and administrator. Better don’t do it. There is one more thing about the people who are selling the coins: They are using the FIFA 18 coin generator by themselves. First they use the FIFA 18 hack to get free FIFA 18 coins and points and then they are selling them to gamer like you. Don’t fall for this. Its absolutely not worth it.

Better use the FIFA 18 coins hack for yourself. You will save money and lots of time. You will avoid any risk of getting banned in the game, which is the most important. You don’t believe? Try it with 2nd account and you will see what I mean. We on got the huge advantage that we know how the EA Sports FIFA 18 Ultimate Team algorithm is operating. We know when people are getting banned and for what they are getting banned.

Features of the FUT 18 hack

Hacking and cheating on FIFA Ultimate Team is popular since many years. Before the release of the official FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Web App we are leaking the latest FIFA 18 hack for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4. The FIFA 18 coin generator is a really necessary tool for everyone who wants free FIFA 18 coins and points on the account. I guess everyone who came to this website tries to avoid spending money on coins and points. Not only buying coins is a big risk these days, because your account can get suspended, but also the prices are extremely high. The price for FUT Points are ridiculously high as well. Expect only to get useless items like manager contracts, player contracts and average player out of the packs. Even if you get special packs the chance of getting a really good player is very low. Some people on Facebook are joking by saying “the chance of meeting Ronaldo in real is higher than getting him on a gold pack.” and thats true. You must be lucky or spent lots of money to get a player like Ronaldo or Messi. This is what makes it so important to use a FIFA 18 coins hack. Everyone wants great player, but only a few can actually get them. Only gamer who are willing to spend lots of money. Time for a change! With the FIFA 18 hack also player like you and me can get any player.

fifa 18 hack

Here is a list of features of the FUT 18 coin generator:

  • Generate unlimited free FUT 18 coins
  • Generate unlimited free FUT 18 points
  • Use the hack on PC, smartphone and console
  • Works on all devices
  • Only a working internet connection is required
  • Absolutely free to use
  • No hidden costs
  • No way that your account will receive any ban
  • It works super fast and efficient


If you have any questions regarding the FUT 18 hack you can ask on this website any time.

The FUT Icons are coming

One more reason to get as much free FUT coins and points for your PlayStation, PC or Xbox! The latest news are saying that finally we will be able to get FUT Legends also on the PlayStation. So far it was only available for Xbox One gamer. This changed for the new FIFA 18. The legends are now called “Icons”. The cover star is Luis Nazario de Lima or also called “Ronaldo”. Exactly, the brazilian Ronaldo who also played for Real Madrid. Truly one of the best strikers ever.

What does this mean for you?

It means you need even more coins! Now people won’t only try to get TOTS, TOTY or IF player, but also Icons. We can expect that the price of the Icons will be extremely high. Even higher than the best TOTY player. At the same time it will be almost impossible for a normaler gamer to get a FUT Icon. If you want to get one of these great players you should consider to use the FIFA 18 coin generator. You will instantly get access to unlimited free FIFA 18 coins and points. This is the recommendation we can give you.

If you are a huge fan of FUT 18 and you want to get a great team just from the beginning of the game you should really consider to use a FIFA 18 hack. It is working for all platforms including Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Take a look on here to get an idea what we are talking about.